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Wedding Photography Pre-Wedding meeting

January 18th, 2019

Although you might think that the best part of my job is being at lots of weddings. I also really love meeting couples for that all-important wedding photography pre-wedding meeting.

It’s during this pre-wedding meeting that I hear about all of their plans. This could be the detail, the vibe of a wedding, timings of the day and obviously what a couple wants in terms of photography. I find out who the important people are in their group of friends and family, and how a couple wants to capture the big moments of their day. And I love to hear about all of the little touches that they have thought of to make their wedding personal to them. They go straight on my picture list.

Not just a meeting!

At a pre-wedding meeting, I also find out about the venue. Things like, why they chose it and what they love about it, as often venues inspire the style of a wedding. The venue is also obviously such a key element to the day – and my photography, so I plan how the light will fall at certain times of day, where will be the best location for the photographs of the bride and groom, and how to reflect the uniqueness of your venue.

I draw so much from that initial meeting and it gives me a great starting position to capture the best photographs I can. I also really enjoy meeting a couple in a relaxed, informal way. This helps to get to know each other a little – and I can also help put any nerves at ease before the wedding. If, however, you are unable to have a pre-wedding meet because you live quite far away, don’t worry. I’m always happy to have a chat over the phone or do a Skype call!

Having a photo list is always a good idea. Writing down a list of the photographs you want taken on your big day would be perfect. This will ensure we capture the really important moments and the people that are there.

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